Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 6 -- Getting Ready

 We had intended to try to get in the car today but plans changed. Atticus balked a little when we walked up to the car which told me he wasn't ready to get in yet. I want to make sure we are getting a nice, happy response when he sees the car before we work on getting in. I'm not at all discouraged by's part of training dogs. You have to read them and let them tell you when they are ready to move on.

But he is still rocking it out on the stairs. The fact that he was contemplating going up the rest of the flight of stairs even though I wasn't at the top was a really good sign. He looked so much more comfortable on the stairs than he has been. It gives me hope that Matt and Kosette won't have to carry a 150 pound dog up and down the stairs when he gets older.

So now we're just getting ready for guests to come in tomorrow. This is Atticus helping me make the pumpkin curry. Big help Atticus...

We've practiced our greetings and manners and I think we are all set to meet our guests tomorrow. This will be good experience for Atticus and more dogs we can practice doing recalls with.

But not to worry, his old friend, Sinbad, will be by his side if he needs anything.

Better rest's going to be a busy day.

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