Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 9 -- Steps Ahead

We had a great stair and car day today! That's a strange sentence but it means a lot to us. He went up and down a strange set of stairs with no hesitation at all and tail wagging. Yea!! He still needs to be exposed to more and more stairs, especially since he doesn't have any at home to practice on. It's always a challenge for me to find different kinds of stairs to practice on; metal, concrete, wood, open backed, etc. Sometimes my walks are all about finding new stairs.

The car went really well too. At first he hesitated slightly at the end of the driveway but then approached happily. I was able to open both the back hatch and the side door and I even sat in the side of the car and he was happily interacting with me. With some more practice at home, he should be getting into the car without hesitation. And just in time, he's growing like a weed. A pretty cute weed...

When we are not working, I make sure that there is plenty for Atticus to do. He knows he can help himself to the toy basket and play with a wide variety of toys. At his age, if there is nothing to entertain him he will find ways to entertain himself and it probably won't be in ways that I appreciate much. He is still too young to have free reign of the house but, even if I'm in the same room with him, I could get distracted and he could get into mischief. I suspect he has plenty to do at home as well which is really good.

It's nice that he can play well by himself for those times when you are preoccupied.

And it's really nice that he plays so well with other dogs. He's still young so he needs reminders if his play gets too rough. Especially when he doesn't notice a size difference. But what's even better is that he enjoys playing with people so much. You want him to look to you for all the good things that happen in his life; food, play, water, affection, toys, etc.

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